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Red Dwarf Fan Art
Red Dwarf Art By The Fans
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30th-Sep-2005 08:19 pm - Fan Art!
Friendship is the best (Coupling)
Just a brief bit of fan-art in tribute to Rimmer's 'Captain Emerald' uniform.

Fan art!Collapse )
7th-Jan-2010 01:08 am - Welcome and Rules
RD: Cat Smoooooth
Welcome to Red Dwarf Fan Art on Livejournal. This community was created to house all aspects of computer-created artwork (not just icons) to do with the hands-down no-argument best television show on the entire planet, Red Dwarf. Red Dwarf was created by the dynamic duo GRANT NAYLOR and obviously does not belong to us or anyone else on the internet in any way, shape or form.


# Pammy ladyfuchsia pammileelaloolalay@gmail.com
# Kate indi_kayt kpuffett@gmail.com
[Obviously, anyone who spams us will be whipped.]
[Affiliation with communities welcomed and encouraged! Note us.]

New members are very welcome! But unfortunately, there is the need for a few rules. Our theory is that if everyone follows the rules in the first place, everything will run as smoothly as chocolate icecream!... We hope! Read on!Collapse )
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